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About Lerici Foundation

The Ing. Carlo Maurilio Lerici Foundation was the first institution in Italy to introduce non-invasive methods for the location and identification of buried archaeological structures. The Foundation is an Institute placed under the High Patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and, by statute, its President is the Chancellor of the Milan Polytechnic.

The Foundation consists of a permanent staff comprising geophysicists, geologists and archaeologists, working together with data recording technicians (topographers, probe technicians). The coordination of the Institute is the task of the Director and/or the President of the Foundation who, by statute, is the Chancellor of the Milan Polytechnic. Thanks to its service and research activities, the Foundation is able to obtain the external collaboration of specialists in different scientific and archaeological disciplines (information technology, geophysics, geology and structural engineering, hydraulic engineering and geotechnology), who may be drawn from reputable university Institute or museum institutions.

The field of investigation covers in particular:

  • the location and definition of buried structures, with the construction of thematic "archaeological risk" maps in both built up areas and areas liable to future development

  • the geomorphological and stratigraphic reconstruction of archaeological areas by means of mechanical core sampling

  • the identification of existing underground cavities and services

  • topographical surveying and digital archaeological mapping

  • non invasive action to determine the degradation of historical buildings



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